Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tips for wording your wedding stationery - 4

The information cards are sent out with your handmade wedding invitations and are useful to help guests answer any questions or queries about your wedding day.  

They can also tactfully address any sensitive issues. Some popular and useful topics to cover include - 

  • Transport - Both public and any that you are providing. You can recommend flights, trains, or simply refer your guests to informative websites and services. You can also remind them to answer any transport related questions on your reply card.

  • Directions - Directions to your venue and between your venue and reception are always helpful, especially if your guests are traveling far, or if your venue is in a remote area. You may also want to include details of parking facilites.

  • Accommodation - This can be a list of local hotels and B&B's details and/or details of any special rates you have negotiated with your venue. Include website information as well.
Prices for information cards start at £1.10 each (for between 31-100 items).

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