Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tips for wording your wedding stationery

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing with you some tips, guidelines and examples for wording your handmade wedding invitations and stationery. 

This can often be a bit confusing especially if you and your fiancĂ© or both sets of parents are contributing to the cost of your wedding. 

Here are some useful Invitation Tips to help you -


    • The Bride's name traditionally includes her first and middle names but not her title. The Bride's surname is not included if either or both of her parents are hosting but is often included if the Bride and Groom are hosting, if they are hosting with their families or if the Groom's parents are hosting. (see above)

    • The Groom's name traditionally includes his title, first and middle names, and surname. However if the Bride and Groom are hosting or hosting with their families then often the Groom's title is not included.

    • No matter who is hosting the Bride's name should always be written before the Groom's. (see above)

    • For a formal invitation always use the full names of those hosting.

    • Use the hosts formal titles such as Doctor or Professor.

    • Some couples choose to only use their first names for a less formal invitation. (see above)

    • Include the address of your ceremony (and reception if it is at a different venue) in full without any abbreviations. The postcode is always useful to include especially as guests may have a Sat Nav. Remember if your wedding is abroad also include the country!

    • Invitations have their own rules for punctuation and grammar. Only use capital letters for names, dates and titles. Words such as; at, on, to, and, request, invite, followed, etc should always be written without capitals. Full stops are not usually used and commas are optional but generally only used as part of addresses if necessary, or dates and times.

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