Monday, 30 September 2013

Fuchsia pink 50th party stationery

You may remember back in March of this year, we completed save the dates for a 50th birthday party.  

Last week we finished the rest of the stationery for the event.  Our largest size A1 table plan, table numbers, menus and personalised luggage style place names which double up as a party favour, will be used to celebrate this special occasion.

The stationery is based on our Johansson collection in the striking colourway Fuchsia pink.

(above) 12 tables fitting onto the A1 table plan

(above) table plan, menu and luggage style place names

(above) luggage style place names organised in order of the table the guests will be sitting at

(above) table numbers personalised with customer's name and date of the party

(above) fuchsia pink satin ribbon tabs on A5 size tent style table numbers

Happy birthday Tracy... have a special day and a memorable evening!!! 

Friday, 27 September 2013

What we pinned this week on Pinterest

These are some of the photos we've pinned this week on Pinterest....  

Please take a look at our boards and 'follow' them if you want to.  There are plenty of handmade wedding invitations , wedding favours, ideas and inspiration to see, which will definitely help with planning for your big day.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cornflower inspired wedding invites

Some lovely feedback today from one of our happy customers....

Five star service from very professional EB1. Fantastic value for money for such a quality product. Absolutely thrilled with our finished cornflower invites, they truly are the bees knees!! 
Many, many thanks from Laura and Darren 

Laura and Darren chose our new Cornflower handmade wedding invitations to invite guests to their wedding in March next year. Such a perfect design for a spring wedding.


(above) gatefold day and evening invites with paper tie to secure shut

(above) personalised paper tie with cornflower print

(above)  the paper tie back continues with the cornflower theme

Prices start at £2.75 each which includes envelope and guest names printed

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tips for wording your wedding stationery - 4

The information cards are sent out with your handmade wedding invitations and are useful to help guests answer any questions or queries about your wedding day.  

They can also tactfully address any sensitive issues. Some popular and useful topics to cover include - 

  • Transport - Both public and any that you are providing. You can recommend flights, trains, or simply refer your guests to informative websites and services. You can also remind them to answer any transport related questions on your reply card.

  • Directions - Directions to your venue and between your venue and reception are always helpful, especially if your guests are traveling far, or if your venue is in a remote area. You may also want to include details of parking facilites.

  • Accommodation - This can be a list of local hotels and B&B's details and/or details of any special rates you have negotiated with your venue. Include website information as well.
Prices for information cards start at £1.10 each (for between 31-100 items).

Monday, 16 September 2013

Tips for wording your wedding stationery - 3

Tips for wording your reply card - 

Added to your handmade wedding invitations, it is always best to include an RSVP or reply post card.  Reply cards can be a very useful way to ask your guests questions to help you organise, so think about anything you would like to know. Below are some popular questions and ideas of how to word them.

  • A space for names is traditionally provided at the top of a reply card 
  • Attendance - eg. Would love to attend, Sorry, we are unable to attend or I am/We are able to attend or another less formal example - I/We wouldn't miss it for the world!
  • Dietary - This is a very important part to your reply card.  It will help organise the reception meal in advance.  Add wording like - Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or We will be serving (enter the type of dish you will be serving, such as fish) please let us know if you have any special requirements. If you have a choice on your menu you can ask your guests preference in advance in the following way. Please indicate your choice of: Beef, Fish, Vegetarian (as below)

  • Reply Date - Lastly at the bottom of the card add the reply date.

Our Reply postcards (see above) have the host's name and address printed on the reverse side, so that guests are encouraged to add a stamp and return by post. Prices start at £1.80 each (between 31 -100 items).

Friday, 13 September 2013

Tips for wording your wedding stationery - 2

Part 2 of Tips for wording your wedding stationery...

Invitation Wording Examples -

Bride's Parents Hosting

Mr and Mrs (Bride's Parents Name)
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
(Bride's Name)
Mr (Groom's Name)
at (Ceremony Details)
on (Day, Date, Month, Year)
at (Time)
and afterwards at
(Reception Details)

Bride and Groom and Families Hosting

Together with their families
(Bride's Name)
(Groom's Name)
request the pleasure of your company
at their marriage
at (Ceremony Details)
on (Day, Date, Month, Year)
at (Time)
and afterwards at
(Reception Details)

Bride and Groom Hosting

(Bride's Name)
(Groom's Name)
request the pleasure of your company
at their marriage
at (Ceremony Details)
on (Day, Date, Month, Year)
at (Time)
and afterwards at
(Reception Details)

Invitation Variations and Phrases
Any of the above examples, can be changed by adding or substituting some of the following phrases to your handmade wedding invitations making them more personal to you -

At the beginning:
Request the pleasure of your company
Request the honor of your presence
Would like to invite you to join them
Invite you to celebrate
Would love for you to join them

Dates and Times:
2 o'clock2.00 pm
Two o'clock
Saturday 14th June 2008
Saturday the Fourteenth of June Two Thousand and Eight

At the End:
And afterwards for dinner and dancing
Followed by dinner and dancing
Followed by a reception at

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tips for wording your wedding stationery

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing with you some tips, guidelines and examples for wording your handmade wedding invitations and stationery. 

This can often be a bit confusing especially if you and your fiancĂ© or both sets of parents are contributing to the cost of your wedding. 

Here are some useful Invitation Tips to help you -


    • The Bride's name traditionally includes her first and middle names but not her title. The Bride's surname is not included if either or both of her parents are hosting but is often included if the Bride and Groom are hosting, if they are hosting with their families or if the Groom's parents are hosting. (see above)

    • The Groom's name traditionally includes his title, first and middle names, and surname. However if the Bride and Groom are hosting or hosting with their families then often the Groom's title is not included.

    • No matter who is hosting the Bride's name should always be written before the Groom's. (see above)

    • For a formal invitation always use the full names of those hosting.

    • Use the hosts formal titles such as Doctor or Professor.

    • Some couples choose to only use their first names for a less formal invitation. (see above)

    • Include the address of your ceremony (and reception if it is at a different venue) in full without any abbreviations. The postcode is always useful to include especially as guests may have a Sat Nav. Remember if your wedding is abroad also include the country!

    • Invitations have their own rules for punctuation and grammar. Only use capital letters for names, dates and titles. Words such as; at, on, to, and, request, invite, followed, etc should always be written without capitals. Full stops are not usually used and commas are optional but generally only used as part of addresses if necessary, or dates and times.

    Monday, 9 September 2013

    naming ceremony invitations

    Returning customers is always seen as a positive for confirms that we must have done something right originally.  

    When Stephen and Anette asked us to produce their baby daughter's Naming Ceremony invites, we were excited by the challenge.  

    Having previously used our Hepburn luxury handmade wedding invitations to announce their wedding, they wanted to continue with the theme again, only this time with a few changes to the ribbon colour and monogram with their daughter's initials.   

    (above) The wallet with bow, name and date and inside invite incorporating English and Swedish wording.

    (above) The monogram features a more sympathetic font chosen for a young child's initials

    (above) Reverse side of the invite showing Swedish wording

    Prices start at £4.40 each (between 31 to 100 items) for our Luxury style invites which includes invite, wallet, personalized guest names and envelope


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