Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pale khaki wedding invitations

We've just completed these pretty,fresh looking handmade wedding invitations for our couple's wedding in July.

They chose a new colour ribbon that we've used only a few times.  My predictions are, we're going to see a lot more of it.......it's called khaki.  Not the usual khaki that we associate with the Army but a very pretty, feminine and fresh colour, similar to the bridemaid's dresses below....

Our Cameron luxury day invites comes in a wallet and a paper tie to secure shut.  

The bride and groom, also included an information card to let guests know of their plans for the day after the wedding.


For more information about this colour or any of our collection, please contact us at eb1 wedding invitations.com.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ideas for table and seating plans

It's that time of year when wedding season is in full bloom.  Your handmade wedding invitations have been sent, the venue is booked and your thoughts turn towards the actual wedding reception.  

The panic starts ...... how do we seat all our guests in an organised and quick way?  Well, the answer lies in a table or seating plan.  

Here are some inspirational ideas for interesting and effective ways to do this....

(above) Very classic with ribbon and bows

  (via style me pretty)

(above) print the guest names onto card pockets add an eyelet then put the table number inside the pocket that they are to sit at.

 (via style me pretty)

(above) white picture frames and flowers displayed on a table. Easy and effective idea. Looks great as well.

(above) twigs in glass jars, printed labels and ribbon

(above) wine bottles and printed labels.  Add a flower themed with your wedding day.

(above) rustic picture frame and string with dangling printed labels

 (via style me pretty)

(above) printed labels pinned into position, on burlap or linen background

(above) painted terracotta plant pots with flowers, table numbers and guest names added to lollypop sticks.....love it!

 (above) Similar idea to the above but using flags stuck into plant pots.

All the labels can be printed and produced by eb1 wedding invitations.  Please contact us for more information.


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