Wednesday, 14 November 2012

August Restaurant - wedding venue

What about this interesting restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York for a wedding venue with a difference....

August restaurant provides the ideal setting for a superb intimate wedding. They can accommodate up to 50 guests in the garden patio. 

Much of it's charm, described as 'urban rusticity', is due to it's distressed plaster walls, cobbled flooring and a feeling of being-there-foreverness.

Lights entwined with grape vines

August restaurant offers European cuisine, with influences from Mediterranean to Northern Europe with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients.

Simple wooden table setting

 Photos by Nicole Franzen

If you're lucky enough to use August as your wedding venue, don't forget your reception items - table plan, place names, table names/numbers and napkin holders.  We can match any of these items to your handmade wedding invitations for a coordinated look.

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