Friday, 13 April 2012

6 tips for choosing wedding table names

A lot of couples prefer names rather than numbers for their tables at their wedding reception.
Here are 6 tips to ensure your table names impress your guests...

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1.Choose one name per table.

2. The more personal, the better - any subject can work, as long as they mean something to you and your partner.

3. If choosing place names, be specific - ie decide on cities/regions rather than the actual countries, so that they bring back happy memories to you both. 

4. Choosing films, plays, books, music, composers or artists - not every couple is going to agree on their favourites, so why not choose half and half.  Let your guests guess which names were the brides or grooms preferences.

5. Dig a little deeper by choosing characters from films, books or music rather than the titles themselves.

6. Keep your name choices in line with the theme and tone of the wedding reception.

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